The Wild Terrains of Family and Couples Therapy Counseling

The challenges and rewards that come with dealing with family and love will surprise you. Think of these therapists as your friends who give you a reality check. They do so in a way that is non-threatening. In need of counseling? Explore Connections Counseling Services.

Let’s work on not driving each other bananas. We should try to avoid driving each other bananas. ”

We now move onto couples counseling. Couples counselling helps couples who are in love but can’t understand why they fight so much over the same issue. It is similar to a referee that keeps making both sides score their own goals during a soccer game.

Communication plays a vital role in both therapies. Not all communication is equal.

What is the coolest thing about this therapy? This therapy helps us see that we all play a role. You can be a peacekeeper and balance out the theories of your cousin Larry during family gatherings. One might also try to figure out why their partner seems to be moody (spoiler alert: it’s just hunger).

Look in the mirror to start. You shouldn’t admire your new hairstyle. It is so easy to blame others. It’s harder to be honest with yourself and ask questions like, “What am I responsible for this mess?” ”

Here’s the key: conflict isn’t always bad. It can be used to improve your relationship. What is it that doesn’t break your relationship, then? It may be impossible to break.

These are not magic wands, although they would be amazing.

Asking (or bringing along) a professional to give you directions is acceptable. You’ll be better equipped to handle whatever life throws at you.

Here’s to a smoother ride ahead!