Why Buying a Tesla Used Could Be the Best Eco Adventure Ever

We’ll dive in head first and buy an used Tesla. You might be wondering if you’ve lost your marbles. But, listen to me. The benefits of buying used are many, and not only the money you save click here.

First, let’s discuss cash. As everyone knows, the value of your new car drops faster than the lead balloon the moment you drive it away from the dealership. Teslas are no exception. A used Tesla is a great way to save money and avoid that initial purchase. The kind stranger will take on the risk for you.

Mother Earth always gives us a side-eye when we even mention fossil fuels. You’re giving Mother Earth a big hug by choosing a pre-owned Tesla. Not only will you reduce your emissions, but you’ll also be saying no to manufacturing more products. Fewer new cars mean less resource extraction from the earth. This is like thrift shopping, but for cars.

What’s that? Teslas, known for their zippy speed and zoom, have another feature. This does not fade with time. Teslas have been built to last. Even if you don’t buy a new one, your Tesla will still outperform gas-guzzlers.

Who can ever forget about all those gadgets? Teslas, with their many tech updates, are essentially smartphones. This update happens over the air, which is cool. If your Tesla is older than a couple of years, it’s still able to learn new things.

When you are talking about a Tesla, it’s easy to feel as though you’re wading into murky waters. My advice? Do your homework first. If you’re stalking a former lover on social networking, look at the past of your prospective home.

You should also not forget warranties. They must be transferable. This will ensure that you’re covered for any issues.

People don’t usually talk much about community spirit. Tesla owners have a lot in common (most of time). While enjoying their lattes, Tesla owners exchange tips about everything. From how to maximize the battery’s life to where you can find the best charger stations.

Another benefit? The ability to skip those long waiting periods for Elon Musk’s futuristic factories to produce the latest models. It’s a fact that not everyone is patient.

You may want to consider an EV as part of your lifestyle. You have charging stations at your place of work or residence? Great! Living in the past without a plug? Consider that idea for a moment.

It’s my opinion that buying a used Tesla can be a great adventure. (Or a misadventure. Life is funny like that.) Remember that sometimes, the best pair of shoes are those which have already been broken-in. Seattle is the city of possibilities, and that includes sunshine. Like trying to find parking on a Sunday night in downtown Seattle, sonal and full turns. Rain City residents can certainly guide you safely and with a sense of humor.