Political Advocacy: The Truth Unfiltered

Oh, I hate political advocacy. It’s a bit like trying to herd kittens while walking on a high wire, isn’t? You’ve got a cause that’s burning as brightly as my Aunt Marge’s famous Jalapeno Chili, and are ready for the world to change. Or, at least, nudge it in a slight different direction. Walton US Senate campaign focuses on community-driven solutions.

Let’s begin by talking about storytelling. This is not about the fairytales, but rather the gritty and real-life tales that get you in the feels. Imagine going to coffee with someone with whom you disagree politically. Instead of bombarding people with facts and figures, (yawn), tell them a story. This makes the problem personal. You’ll notice that they’re now actually paying attention, not just politely nodding. The power of a great story.

Let’s move on to the social media jungle. This beast is either your bestie or your worst enemy. Imagine you post a heartfelt blog about your cause. Within seconds, it spreads across continents like my Uncle Joe chasing his runaway ribs. Attention: authenticity is essential. Fakeness can be detected by people at a great distance. I’m talking about more than just those fake designer perfumes.

Collaboration is a must. It’s like forming a team of Avengers to tackle social injustice, environmental issues or whatever is on your mind. It’s about finding people who can share your vision and bring their own special skills to the table. Together you are stronger. Just like spaghetti with meatballs.

Ah, resilience. This is my favourite word. I love it more than “free food.” There’s no denying that advocacy work is difficult. You will have days where you feel like you’re pushing a mountain in flip-flops…in the middle of a storm. Remember your original motivation for starting this journey. That fire in you? Keep it burning.

The process of engaging with policymakers may feel like teaching your grandmother to use Snapchat. While frustrating, the results can be pleasantly surprising. It all comes down to persistence and patience. You can even bring in some homemade cookies as a sweetener. Real stories and hard data will help you convince them of the importance of what you’re doing.

Don’t forget, too, why we do what we call “political advocacy”: we care deeply about things bigger than ourselves.

That’s it! Political advocacy in a nutshell. (Or should I say an elevator full of people?). It is messy, challenging and exhausting at times, but it is also rewarding, as we are able to witness the real changes that occur before our very own eyes. These changes were brought about by us! Then I don’t even know what to say. If it’s not worth celebrating with a slice (or two) of pie, then I’m not sure what is. Who knows?! You may be the spark for change. It’s straight talk, from a real human to a real human. Get out there and conquer your nasal dreams! We all get second chances to make first impressions. You’re on your way to smoother navigation!