Leather Vests Unzipped: Finding Your Perfect Ride-or-Die Companion

Now, lets get straight to the meat of this. Selecting the right leather motorcycle vest can be like choosing a favorite ice-cream flavor from a newly opened ice cream parlor. You have your a Shipwreck in the Sand, slightly crazy options and those that are outlandish. And hey, who is judging anyway? Whether it’s the buttery smooth lambskin you like or the tough cowhide you don’t mind, there is something about wearing a leather jacket that gives you the feeling of being in your very own action flick.

It’s not only bikers who talk about leather. You can either make your ride cool and comfortable or you can ruin it. Cowhide? This is your as tough as nails buddy, who has always got your best interests at heart. This leather is tough enough to take on the wind, sun and even an asphalt surface if something goes wrong. Lambskin, though? The leather is smooth, stylish, and always willing to go out.

This is when things start to get interesting. If you’ve ever purchased something online that was great, but broke down faster than the house of cards inside a wind-tunnel? No, that’s no fun. It’s not fun. The vest will get better fit over time.

They’re important. When you put your phone inside one of the tiny pockets on your jeans and then sit down, it will fall out. You must find this annoying. It’s annoying, right?

A second game changer, is adjustability. When you ate a big meal, did your belt need to be loosen a bit? If you want to layer up in winter, or go light on summer rides, vests with adjustable straps or side laces will give you the breathing room you need.

The next step is ventilation. Nobody likes the feeling of being wrapped in plastic when it’s hot. They figured how to make vests with perforated panels that allow for air flow, keeping you cool and not sacrificing the badass appearance.

While protection isn’t sexy, getting road rash certainly isn’t. There are vests with built-in armor, which I think is pretty cool. It looks like you have an invisible shield.

To choose “the best”, you don’t have to follow a simple recipe. Instead, it’s about choosing what makes you happy while also keeping your safe and comfortable. Gear from old brands is what some riders want. (Okay, not really that far back). Other riders prefer to find someone that can create something special, as they don’t want to blend in.

It’s time to wrap things up. And yes, you know that I skipped formalities, but the key is finding what suits YOU. That means your style, the needs of the road, not to mention, the budget. After all, it’s no secret we don’t make a lot of money. Use these tips as a guide, then browse the pages of online stores and shops until you discover that vest which screams out “This Is Me!” It’s time to wear your vest like the boss you know you are. You can at least avoid sleeping on your textbooks.