Finding Your Perfect Motorcycle Vest Companion

Let’s not waste any time. You’re probably here because of your desire to learn about the top leather vests for motorbikes check this. The vest you are after is one that says, “I’m an Explorer” without saying a word. Buttercup. We will get straight to point without wasting time with fanciful words.

To begin with, let’s talk about the types of leather. You can choose between cowhide and buffalo leather. If your taste is more extravagant, you may also want to consider kangaroo. Cowhide is a tough, reliable leather that you can always depend on. Buffalo is slightly softer but still capable of withstanding abuse. Kangaroo? Kangaroos can be lightweight yet durable if you have the money.

What matters most is how the vests were put together. Avoid vests with stitching that looks like mine (bless her). You want something sturdy that will withstand falls and not leak your guts. It is also helpful to have sides that can be adjusted. No one wants their guts squeezed into sausages.

Pockets? Yes, please! Where are you going to store your phone? Your wallet? And secret stashes, if any? You may not have ever thought you’d need pockets. Do you carry more stuff than you actually need? Make sure you can fit it in.

Always remember that style comes down to the individual. Don’t worry if your style is more refined or you want to use patches from the local dive bar rather than those from Timbuktu. Make sure the patch speaks to YOU. This is more than just a piece. Your signature piece.

Custom made is the future. Custom is in. Even though custom garments may cost more money, imagine slipping into something that feels just like it was made for YOU.

You can have both safety and style. You can be stylish and still keep your hide. Who knew?!

This short talk is over because I said there would be none. It isn’t rocket science to select the best leather motorcycle coat, but you need to pay attention.